Why We Need Another Season of Being Mary Jane

By Michele Salinas

I love binge-watching TV shows, movies, Netflix...you name it! My biggest dilemma with binge-watching is that I have to be in the bingeing mood. If I’m not in the mood and I’ve already started a show, I won’t ever finish it. BUT! Being Mary Jane! Guys, I have watched this show thoroughly about three or four times and I could still watch it again! It’s entertaining and keeps you hooked all the way through. I love that I can relate to Mary Jane in several ways, whether it be her love life or her social life. I love that I can also look up to her as a role model because of how boss she is within her field. So naturally, when it was announced there wouldn’t be a renewal for another season, I was beyond devastated!

If you have seen the show before, I know you were as devastated as I was when the show was cut from BET. For those of you who have never seen the show, here’s the breakdown: Being Mary Jane aired shortly after the BET hour long movie, Being Mary Jane, where we are first introduced to Mary Jane Paul, the successful news anchor whose off-screen name is Pauletta Patterson. Mary Jane is the host on her show “Talk Back” and despite having it all -- the beautiful house, clothes, car and a successful career -- following the pilot movie, the show takes us through the struggles she faces in her everyday life as a professional woman of color in the world of journalism and media. Although it may sound like any other TV drama, here are the reasons why everyone should watch the first season of Being Mary Jane and why we need another season:

1.    Mary Jane’s  drive for success is inspiring

As an aspiring journalist myself, who is currently lost trying to find a way into the profession, I find Mary Jane to be an extremely motivating role model. Throughout the series, we see how passionate she is about what she does and how she won’t let anything get in the way of her goals, not even her love life. In the end, it all pays off!  It’s evident she’s recognized by the network, her community and the audience for whom she produces content for. Even with all her success, Mary Jane continues to work towards becoming something bigger than what she is. We need more woman like this on television.

2.    Mary Jane is relatable

Aside from her glamorous and successful life, Mary Jane’s personal life, at times, is in shambles and I can relate. I love that the show is a platform for real issues women go through. Most notably, the struggles throughout her love life are what often makes me feel like she and I are the same person. On the show, we also see her friendships struggle and witness the mistakes that she makes as a friend, which I and I’m sure many of you can relate to. Behind all the perfection we see on-air, viewers get to see her struggles that we face regularly in our everyday lives.

3.    Mary Jane struggles in the workplace as a minority

In the beginning of season one, we are taken through Mary Jane’s desperation to cover stories that matter to African American women. Even though she gets to cover some, she isn’t doing all that she’s hoping for because her network doesn’t fully support her. Now more than ever, we’ve seen how the media picks and chooses which stories to run and which to hold off on. Thankfully, social media is the outlet that keeps us aware of stories that don’t get run on air. Mary Jane, one of the few African American women at “Talk Back,” has had to work harder to get to where she is, regardless of how much respect she’s gained from her colleagues.

4.    Mary Jane is mothaf***n Gabrielle Union-Wade

If Gabrielle Union-Wade isn’t your #goals then I DON’T KNOW. TGR gals and I chat about Ms. Wade for so long. We’ve seen her bounce back from so many hardships and she is still such a strong and successful woman that we could all look up making her the perfect person to play Mary Jane Paul’s character. I love that we get to connect to Gabrielle Union through her character Mary Jane Paul. I think that’s why I am so sad that the show is over and why I keep binge watching Being Mary Jane. We need another season, but I guess for now I’ll settle for a rumored two-hour long movie.

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