When One Door Closes, Break That Shit Down

By Previous Writer: Patricia Rodriguez 

Throughout life, if there’s a word or phrase that we are going to hear often, it will be “no.” The saying goes, “when one door closes, another one opens." But, I think that if you truly want something, no matter how many doors shut in your face, you’ll still make it happen.

When one door closes, I break that shit down and claim what’s mine.

An obstacle should not stop you from believing that you’re capable of achieving what you set your heart on, nor should it calm the fire that pushes you to grind each day. 

Maybe you feel like you have prepared for your goals and you have truly given everything your all, but you’re still not getting the outcome you seek. When one door slams, or leads to an unfavorable situation, you need to think of ten innovative ways to get exactly what’s on the other side of that door, even if you have to build a new door.

Our dreams are a reflection of what we think we deserve from the universe. While there are some people who will be completely happy working as a cashier at Target for the rest of their lives, some of us, however, do not want to settle for average: We know what our worth is, and we are adding tax and gratuity to it as well.

So keep working at Target if you need that money to make ends meet, but dedicate your time outside of your day job to fulfill your dreams. 

You have to ask yourself how badly you want to achieve your goals. How far are you willing to go to become the person that you wish to be one day? The correct answer should be to the END OF THE WORLD. Hearing "no” should not deter you from what you desperately desire. 

However, going after what you want and breaking down doors requires you to constantly evaluate what is actually good for you, because sometimes a series of closed doors (be it in relationships, jobs, or school) can be a sign that you need to pivot and reassess what you’re going after.

As you do that, it’s important to never lose your fire in the face of rejection because sometimes “no’s” can mean “not right now," other times they can mean literally what they suggest—it is on you to figure out the difference.

As a recent college graduate, I was “lucky” to secure full-time employment at the charter school I wanted to work for. It’s funny, because my journey with this company, started with a "no." 

“At this time, we are unable to move forward in the interview process. We wish you the best of luck in your continued job search,” the company told me via email. 

The same position I just secured, was the same one that less than two months ago I couldn’t even manage to get an interview for. Was I bummed at first? Of course.  But, when you truly want something, and when it is meant for you, things just seem to straighten themselves out. 

As a matter of fact, that same day they told me "no," I received an email from another recruitment associate at the charter school saying a receptionist role needed to be filled immediately. Fast forward a great phone interview and rejection for the position due to the fact that I couldn't start work there before finishing school, I managed to move through the process, get an in-person interview, and score the job for the position at the charter school I wanted in the first place.

Like I said before, sometimes, you have to build a new door, so to speak, and find a different way in. 

It doesn’t matter how many self-help books you read or how much confidence you instill in yourself, without the grind and motivation to make shit happen for yourself, you will never reach your fullest potential. It is not always about being lucky or the “right opportunity” coming along. It is about believing that if you’ve already done the work to receive the rewards, and that even if things don’t run smoothly, you will find the way to make things come to fruition. 

Don’t wait for things to fall on your lap.  You want to make yourself more social but your school has no clubs? Create some.

You want to write for The Girls Room but there are currently no openings posted on our Instagram page? Email us, harass our founder, Jacquelyn, and DM the account until it happens. (Okay, please don't harass Jackie, but you get the point). 

When doors close or opportunities don’t seem to come your way in the manner that you would like, this is only the beginning of you finding the way to obtain what your heart desires.  So who needs a hammer? Because I am down to break some doors down with ya.

What do you do in the face of rejection? Tell us how you kick down doors in the comments below!

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