What Thanksgiving Looks Like During a Pandemic

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of 2020, and that we’ve spent the greater part of it navigating the unfamiliar territory of a pandemic. If you’ve made it to this blog post it means you’ve survived the unpredictability, turmoil, and volatility of the past ten months. Congratulations! You’re doing great. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, you may have re-evaluated your typical holiday plans. 

Any internal conflict or worry you might be experiencing is valid. This year there’s more than usual to take into account when thinking about our nationwide holiday that has a problematic history to begin with. Now we have the added stress of deciding if we should travel, stay put, or be around immunocompromised loved ones. 

If you do determine you feel comfortable gathering with others, that’s great. Or maybe you’ve decided to spend the day alone and you’re anxious about what it will feel like for you. Here are some suggestions to keep things positive this Thanksgiving, no matter what your personal situation looks like:

1. Journal

Take ten minutes (or more) to check in with yourself and express your thoughts. Think about all the good things happening in your life, no matter how small, and make a gratitude list.

2. Give Back

Donate food to less fortunate people in your neighborhood. You can volunteer at a local community center or soup kitchen. Another option is to cook or bake, make to-go plates, and bring them to friends and family. 

3. Go Virtual

Coordinate a group FaceTime or Zoom call and enjoy cooking together from the comfort of your respective homes.

4. Unplug

Try turning off your phone, computer, or tablet during the day or at your dinner to focus on connecting with others.

5. Order in

Some restaurants are offering Thanksgiving menus and will deliver right to your door. Eliminate the hassle of cooking and take advantage of holiday meal deals while cueing up your favorite movies.