Three Ways To Style Your Favorite Statement Piece

We all know that feeling when we walk into a store and fall in love with that one of a kind statement piece. Even better, it’s priced amazingly and you know exactly how you’re going to put it together. You finally wear it out and your outfit is perfect. You have officially shown out to the masses and posted it on Instagram. Now what? You still love this piece but people have already seen it. No worries, here are three easy ways to rework a statement piece and have it feeling brand new again.

1.) Be loosely mono-chromatic-

When in doubt, make a piece pop by highlighting by wearing various different shades of the same color. To keep my colorway consistent, I paired my windbreaker with green laced La Mezcla’s and green striped Stussy socks. The white turtleneck underneath paired with the white La Mezcla shoelace as a belt was to make the green pop even further.

2) Dress it up!

Black turtlenecks and velvet fabric instantly add a little class into any outfit. Those pieces took my windbreaker from statement to demure. The gold chain originally was my PVC clutch handle but I wore it as a belt to create a more fitted silhouette. The clear PVC clutch gave me even more opportunity to play around with other brighter green hues to compliment my windbreaker.

3) Accessorize with non-traditional items

This piece was one of a kind on its own but pairing it with the 3m construction gear makes it pop even more. The harness itself helps with making the windbreaker more shapely. Adding the straps to the ankles above the chunky black boots add a little more consistency to the orange 3m harness.

Now that you have all the secrets, it’s time to go out and purchase any piece with confidence. However, you choose to wear it is in your power. Step into it!

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