The Girls Room Horoscopes

By Daniela Espinosa

If you thought 2020 was intense, buckle up. Not only are we in Aquarius season, where innovation and individuality are the focus, but this February will be dominated by our first Mercury retrograde of the year. So before 2021 can really settle in, we will be facing our first round of obstacles, delays and redirections from the universe!

Although this energy may seem intense, with communication and travel disrupted due to Mercury appearing to move backwards, it isn’t all doom and gloom. With so many planets moving into the sign of Aquarius during Aquarius season, it really just feels like life is giving us a little shake so that we can break out of our rut and do things differently.

Check out your sun, moon and rising sign to see what you can expect this February!

Aries: When under pressure, you may tend to be impulsive and short-tempered. With Uranus and Mars is in Taurus AND Mercury in retrograde, differences in perspective right now can lead to a lot of misunderstandings and temper flare-ups, so you really need to learn to use your energy in a positive way rather than allowing it to become destructive. Think before you rush to conclusions! Slow down your thinking and communication style. For some, this may be a good time to get into creative writing, especially if you are a very imaginative person. Your sexual charisma and appeal are high this season—be careful not to get yourself into trouble, Aries! That wandering eye may cause more problems than you expect.

Taurus: You are ruled by the planet of Venus, and with Venus entering Aquarius, the line between friendship and love becomes super thin. For single Tauruses, it may be very likely that you enter a relationship with someone you may have written off before because they were originally “just a friend.” Either way, this season is a good time for you to reconnect with loved ones and to find common ground with partners and friends. Remember, though, that as much as you may love being in close relationships with others, that you need time for yourself and the things that you love. Overall, your love life and finances should be blossoming this season thanks to a very lovely Venus conjunction with Jupiter. Expect to create new connections or find a new direction in life this season!

Gemini: With your planet in retrograde for most of February, you’ll be facing a very exciting next few weeks. It will be a busy time for you, despite things not going 100% smoothly. So, best thing you can do is lean into that quick-thinking, curious side of you and learn to adapt. In fact, if you go about things with a really great attitude and stay open-minded, you may learn a couple new things about yourself and your purpose in life. If you have neglected exercise before, it would be smart to get back into physical activity or any creative projects that involve using your hands. Better to take out that pent up energy through physical activity than accidentally saying the wrong thing out loud! Things should be a lot smoother once Mercury goes direct on February 20th.

Cancer: The Full Moon in Leo on Jan. 28th may have given you a wild boost of confidence, but you may want to make sure it doesn’t leave you reckless. Make sure to tap into patience and accountability, as Mercury retrograde will force you to make a decision between dwelling on the past or moving forward with new plans. The thing about change, Cancer, is that sometimes we get forced to deal with change we don’t want. So, we must pivot and be flexible to what life throws our way. If you rise to the challenge, many can expect a possible new job or love interest (if single). End of February should feel a whole lot better, as you’ll be feeling more confident in yourself and will be putting more effort into self-love, appearance and personal fulfillment.

Leo: You are entering February with some tense energy; Aquarius season is very much about doing your own thing and marching to the beat of your drum, so it makes sense that Leos, with all their confidence, may be butting heads with authority/bosses/anyone trying to tell you how to do your job or live your life. Watch your tone, because now is not the time to let your temper get the best of you. Learn to channel some of that frustration out through healthier ways, such as a new type of exercise. Think of this as a test for that next level you want to be on; are you really as prepared for it as you think you are? Work on your quick-thinking skills and how you communicate to others and you might just make it fine, Leo! End of February will be a wonderful time to tap into new creative hobbies and projects.

Virgo: Your social life is going to be very busy entering February! Your way of thinking and planning out activities is going to keep you in high demand among friends and family. For some of you, big possible life changes are coming and your amazing insight will push you to embrace change this time around rather than run from it. Of course, while you are doing great, remember that those who may be struggling with their current situation may not see things through the same perspective you do, so do your best not to be short-tempered with people who aren’t on your level. All in all, this season you have the gift of looking at things from a new and fresh perspective and that will help you so much while navigating this Mercury retrograde.

Libra: If you are in a relationship, this February will be all about finding a balance between your relationship with a partner and your relationship with yourself. With this in mind, relationships may struggle a bit as you try to find a good balance and ways to express love that resonate with both you and your partner. It’s possible that you may experience issues like boredom or feeling smothered with partners. It may do you well to spice things up in terms of what you do in the bedroom, what type of dates you go on, etc. If you are single, it is best not to throw yourself into a relationship just yet. End of the month, relationships and dating should smooth out a bit more, but just be careful with making any dramatic decisions—you could regret it. Finances may be a bit tricky, so if you have not yet done so, fix up your budgeting plan and make sure you are saving a little more than you are spending. Some of you may be splurging a little too much on those impulsive shopping sprees, so just keep an eye on that.

Scorpio: If you feel like you need to be on the defense about your beliefs or decisions, take a deep breath and calm down. You may be coming off more aggressive than you intend to, Scorpio! This season will be testing you; people will be coming off very aggressive, causing you to jump to conclusions and act up as well. Don’t let this energy build up; find a healthy way to channel it out. Your sex drive will be crazy as well this month; if you cannot satisfy those urges, find a productive way to get that energy out. It may be useful for you to get more involved in any spiritual practices you are into or have been thinking of trying out. You may also be inclined to volunteer your time and efforts to a good cause. Aquarius season is also about improving one’s individuality to better serve the collective, so start getting generous. Find ways to give back. You may realize you are lowkey a great leader and can make best out of challenging situations.

Sagittarius: When you feel good, good things are attracted to you as well! This glow up you are experiencing will land you a lot of attention, as well as put you in the path for the desired success you want. A big lifestyle or career change may be taking place for you this season and the main message here is that whatever you put your mind to, you will succeed. Lots of big plans will be discussed and planned out this February, but don’t forget to also have fun too! Enjoy this wonderful time, as it looks like this will be your small break before a very busy next few months.

Capricorn: It’s possible you recently ended a relationship or are torn about where a relationship is heading, especially if it is a long-distance relationship. This situation has made it difficult for you to express your feelings, so you need to do your part in being transparent about where you stand. The same thing with finances; it seems that you need to be a little more realistic and responsible about your spending and saving habits. No shame in admitting you were wrong, Capricorn! This is an opportunity to do things a little differently and learn from the past so you can do better tomorrow. This season is not the time to force change, nor resist it. Rather, learn to adapt and be more flexible with what is going on. Some of your bad habits may be causing a block in your life, especially if you are a creative. Say it with me: do things differently. It won’t kill you!

Aquarius: Aquariuses are notorious for not being stable in romantic relationships, and unfortunately, this season will be proof of that! You may be called to take a break from relationships on the basis of needing more space or wanting to do your own thing just because love isn’t really doing it for you anymore. If you are in a healthy relationship, just discuss it and explore together what you can do to safely change things up—some of you may just be bored! With that in mind, don’t be so quick to be rigid with your daily routine and restricting your time and energy. Go with the flow, take a new approach if something isn’t working out and cut yourself some slack if you aren’t feeling your best. During this time, don’t isolate yourself! Reach out to friends and socialize a little more, it might give you the boost you need.

Pisces: This will be a wonderful time for relationships to blossom, Pisces. You might be feeling extra romantic, so it would not be surprising if you end up in a new relationship or if you are currently in one, a new level of commitment and love is reached. This season will also give you the opportunity to see how you can dedicate your gifts, time and energy to a special cause. For some, that means volunteering and organizing to help out the community. For others, it may mean being more of service to your loved ones—helping a relative launch a business, connecting friends with possible mentors, etc. Your values and love for others will help guide you towards a really beautiful next few months!