Talking Women Empowerment with The Girls Room Creator

Women’s History Month is one of the best times to think about the women in your life who have made things possible for you to be where you are, but also to think about present-day change makers who carry the torch of women past.

In light of that, here’s a Q&A with the creator-in-chief of The Girls Room:

Who did you have in mind when you created TGR?

Prior to launching The Girls Room, I noticed that the majority of outlets for women were geared towards one type of girl: the Latina girl, the African-American girl, the girl with curly hair, the petite girl, etc.

In my opinion, it gave off a sense of not belonging. It was then that I knew I wanted our audience to be diverse in all aspects—age, race, body type, education levels, and passions.

When I was in the process of creating The Girls Room, I specifically wanted to target the younger generation and millennials. However, The Girls Room’s audience ranges from ages thirteen to late forties. 

What does true women empowerment mean to you (both online and offline)?

Women empowerment starts within, and to me it means to improve the quality of life for women and girls.

A lot of platforms (including TGR) preach about women empowerment on social media, but it’s more than that. True women empowerment is embedded in my daily life. Whether I am at work defending another woman or attending events planned by women-owned start up platforms, I love finding ways to truly support my friends as well as gals I’ve met online.

What women in your life inspire you?

There have been two women in my life who have been my main source of inspiration. My mother, who put her life on pause in college to work a full-time job because she was pregnant with me and her parents neglected her.

My mother has been my backbone since day one. I’ve witnessed her strength during an abusive relationship; I’ve witnessed her welcome people into our home with open arms; and I’ve witnessed her work day and night to provide for me and my two siblings.

I remember helping my two siblings complete their homework assignments and leaving it on the table for her to check when she got home. My mother inspires me through her actions, and actively reminds me to be a light especially in the dark times of life. One of her favorite phrases is, "It is what it is.”

Another woman who has played a big role in my life and continuously inspires me to this day is my ex-boyfriend’s mom, Mrs. Wilson. I met her when I was 13 years-old and she’s treated me like her own ever since.

She’s one of the reasons why I completed high school, attended college, and have the ambition and drive that I have today. I have always admired her way of living as a lawyer who attended Ivy League schools and a mother to six children. I owe her so much, and I’ve been paying her back through my success.

If your house were on fire and you could only grab three items, what are you taking with you?

One of my biggest fears is losing everything because of a fire. I actually have an emergency bag in case that scenario happens which has my passport, my favorite polaroid pictures and a copy of my Bachelor’s degree inside.  

In a low moment, what song always picks you up?

In a low moment I turn to Whitney Houston’s “When You Believe” ft. Mariah Carey and “Hero” by Mariah Carey. I’ve always admired their talent and the lyrics remind me to keep pushing forward. 

If you had to use three words, to describe your mission of TGR, what would they be?

It’s tough to narrow The Girls Room’s mission into three words but, I’d choose: positivity, diversity and change. 

What inspires you? Share with us in the comments below!

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