Spice Up Your Sex Life!

Let’s talk about sex. You’re either cringing at the idea or you’re intrigued. Either way, you should keep reading. For heterosexual women, having an orgasm from intercourse is much less likely than for men (hence all the chatter about the orgasm gap). Men almost always finish, whereas women are often left hanging—and that’s just a big no-no! You deserve more, sis. So, we researched sex toys and accessories to consider adding to the bedroom for partnered pleasure or a solo experience.

Let’s start with accessories:

1. Handcuffs

These Jelly textured handcuffs are designed by the one and only Rihanna. With its translucent finish, this accessory pairs well with any color lingerie. Tie yourself up, girl.

2. Door Jam Cuffs

If your bed doesn’t have a way of latching on handcuffs, don’t worry—there’s an invention for everything. Throw these bad boys over your bathroom or bedroom door for some restrictive fun.

3. The Tomboi Harness

Here’s a premium pair of underwear with a dildo holder for those who crave penetrative sex.

4. Crop by Savage x Fenty

Simply let ‘em know who’s boss. Using a safe word is encouraged when enjoying this rose-gold tone whip. What’s yours?

Now for the highly-anticipated part of the article: SEX TOYS!

5. SONA Cruise Clitoral Stimulator

Not only is this vibrator so pretty but, it also does amazing things for your body. The sucking sensation allows for fast climax and it’s waterproof. The experience is yours! 6. Double Whale Couples Vibrator

Living the stay-at-home life has probably made your day-to-day feel ordinary, but that doesn’t have to extend to the bedroom. Add this to your Amazon cart right now and prepare to watch your sex life explode.

7. The Ohare Double Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

Another one!!! *DJ Khalid’s voice*

8. OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.Oh Wireless Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Yes, this is totally real—a remote-controlled vibrator you can use on the go. Slip this vibe in your undies and enjoy.

9. Rippler Mini Shimmer Vibrating Dildo

A pink, glittery dildo that also vibrates? Rare! This show-stopping toy has a rippled texture and is thicker and shorter than your typical dildo, for those who value girth.

If you learn anything from this article it should be that you, too, deserve to finish. We hope these selections help you get there!

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