Single This Season? You’re not Alone

Have you found yourself on the outskirts of love this season? If you haven't been cuffed this fall/winter don’t sweat it. You might be minus one as the year draws to a close and celebrations abound, and there's nothing wrong with that. There are still ways to enjoy yourself if you’re single as a dollar bill. If you’re part of this cohort we hope you find comfort in knowing you have a tribe. Being without a significant other looks different for everyone. We talked to some people about how they’re spending the holidays sans partner. Check out what they had to say below.

We asked: What are your plans and how do you feel?

You answered:

“I ended a long term relationship during quarantine so this is my first holiday season single, and away from family. It’s been hard being alone in general during this time but now especially. Seeing other people celebrate with their loved ones makes it really easy to get caught up in memories and emotions. I’ve just been allowing myself to feel those emotions, have a good cry when needed, while trying to find joy in solitude. Normally I’d go to my Titi’s house with my family for Christmas dinner and we’d exchanged gifts at midnight. This year we’ll be having a Zoom Christmas. While we can’t all be together, this year has made me more grateful for them than ever.” - Mykela, 25, NYC

“Going home, cuddling the cat, and letting my parents spoil me. No man could make me feel so good!” - Isabela, 30, Spain

“Using New Year’s Eve as a last hoorah with the girl I’m talking to since we realized it’s not going to work.” - David, 26, Dallas, TX

“This is the first year where I’m in a good personal space, so not having a partner really doesn’t affect me. I have a great support system of friends and family that fill any of those voids. This year I’m glad to be surrounded by people who truly love me and not have to fix anyone else’s plate lol.” - Fina, 27, Providence, RI

“Hanging out with some new friends. I feel fine because I don’t attach my feelings to a date.” - Devon, 24, Miami

“I plan to spend time with family. I’m feeling completely detached from desire of love outside of self.” - DeWayne, 29, Maryland “Being single during the holidays is a lot of pity stares and questions from family. It never fails that I have a tia asking me why I’m not in a relationship or she brings up the fact that at my age she was married with a kid. Then I start to think ‘well damn it would be nice to have someone by my side’ (lol).

My plans this year will be spent at home. In the past, I’d travel out of the country or spend it at a relatives or with friends. I’ll miss getting glam for the holidays but won’t miss being asked a million questions by my tias.” - Karla, 27, Los Angeles

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