How to Make the Best of V-Day Bae or No Bae

By Michele Salinas

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Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly my favorite holiday. That’s funny to say for someone who hasn’t had a valentine since high school, right?... Nope! Valentine’s Day to me is all about love rather than romance. There is a difference! I often wonder why people are bitter when it comes to a day full of love and happiness, and I think it might be because they focus on the love they wish they had rather than celebrating what’s around them. All throughout February, the “I hate Valentine’s Day” tweets never fail to flood my timeline. This year, they even came a little bit earlier than expected. Even though many feel Valentine’s Day is unnecessary because we shouldn’t only show our love one day of the year, some people need that reminder to pick up a sentimental gift or write a heartfelt card for the people who never forget about them. We should show love and appreciation on any ordinary day, but Valentine’s Day can be a 24-hour jumpstart to remind people who may often feel overlooked that they are special, loved, and deeply cherished.

It isn’t just a day to show your love to a significant other, but also a day to show love to the people who bring meaning to your life—including yourself! I take Valentine’s Day as a time to show appreciation to people who I sometimes overlook because the truth is there are tons of people that bring meaning to my life who I don’t often show gratitude. Whether you’re dating or not, forget the high expectations of the day, and just take some time to reach out to someone you love, especially if you haven’t told them how much they mean to you in a while. Tell them you’re grateful for them. Let them know you appreciate them for sticking by you through the good and the bad. I know it can sometimes be difficult to constantly tell someone what they mean to you so take advantage of all the love Valentine’s Day is filled with instead of wallowing about not having someone to receive gifts from Here are some ways to do that:

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Celebrate your familyMy mom and I have celebrated Valentine’s Day together for the last couple of years. We get each other thoughtful gifts and sweet treats and then on the weekend go out to dinner to celebrate us. We remind each other of our love and appreciation for one another because sometimes forget to convey the love. Treat yo self!The 14th of February can also be a day to cater to yourself. Regardless of the status of your love life, the love you show yourself can never be compared to any other love. Take the day to see your growth in the past year and envision your growth for the following year. Appreciate all you’ve done so far and see how it’s made you into the person you are today. Instead of stressing out about an exam or a work project, take a break to ease your mind. Spoil yourself. Be proud of the person you have become! Sometimes we forget how important it is to show ourselves love. We’re too busy making sure everyone else is happy that we don’t remember to check into our own lives. Let Valentine’s Day be the day you remind yourself how amazing you are. Don’t let pressures of the holiday get in the way of you and bae.The high expectations of the day can be overwhelming for relationships. I have friends who drove themselves crazy trying to plan out the day. My greatest Valentine’s Day memory is the most simple. My boyfriend at the time and I made each other gifts (I spent a maximum of $15) then went to a dinner and split the bill. I had no complaints because the day wasn’t about what we were doing, but the fact that we were together and enjoying each other’s company.   Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about what you give or receive. It’s a day to let your partner know how much you adore them and how sharing a piece of your life with them through the hurdles has been the best journey. Valentine’s Day should be a day to reflect on how you’ve grown with one another rather than getting caught up on making it an “Instagram-worthy” day. Valentine’s Day is all about love, gratitude and appreciation so if you’re spending the day with family, make sure to live in the moment. Enjoy the time you’re spending with them. If you’re with your friends, remind them how much they’ve impacted your life and if you’re on your own, pick up a chilled bottle of pink moscato, rest your box of chocolates right next to you as you pop in your favorite Nicholas Sparks movie and enjoy your Valentine’s Day! How are you spending V-Day? Do you have plans to go out or plans to stay in? Just a regular day? Let us know in the comments.

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