How to host an amazing Friendsgiving

By Shannon Hui

Thanksgiving is coming up and it can be stressful. While most of us spend it with just family, some of us need that escape to spend it with friends too. When done right, it’s a great time to eat a ton of food, relax and spend some time with those we love. With a little love and planning, friendsgiving can be made easy.

Here are four guidelines to help you start your own traditions of hosting the perfect friendsgiving! Distribute the work evenlyCooking for a large group can be a tedious task. Make it easier for everyone by splitting up the work! The host is typically in charge of the main course and the most reliable friend buys drinks and bakes dessert. Main dishes are only as strong as its supporting sides so make sure enough people are either making or buying the yummiest of foods. A small reminder that friendsgiving is all about inclusion so it’s especially important be mindful of everyone’s dietary restrictions. It will be an enjoyable experience when everyone has a hefty amount of tasty options to choose from.

Set the vibe (without being problematic)Thanksgiving has a really problematic history and can be a painful day for indigenous people. Be sensitive with choosing decor that isn’t offensive or downright racist. You can’t go wrong with fall-colored leaves, wooden spoons, gold embellishments and pretty Christmas lights. When in doubt, just google fall decorations. Pair the scene with an awesome playlist that has a healthy mix of trap music and vibey music. You’re going to need something to turn up and turn down when the food coma hits.

Have some fun activities plannedSet aside cards and cups for a couple rounds of kings and flip cup to help loosen people up or play Taboo for a more competitive energy. Participating in artsy DIY activities can also be enjoyable while creating opportunities to make souvenirs to take home. Having more than enough options will ensure that your guests will have fun regardless.

Be present and gratefulMake it a point to put your phones away to connect with your friends. As we get older and busier, it’s so important to be present and in the moment. During dinner, go around in a circle and tell your besties why you love and appreciate them. Open up and share what everyone’s best qualities are and express what you’re most grateful for this year. Creating a safe space to cultivate positive and loving sentiments with your circle is what helps create an everlasting bond.This friendsgiving, celebrate your friendships the way they deserve to be celebrated. Here’s to the family we choose.

Are you having a Friendsgiving ?

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