Four Ways To Savor the Last Bits of Summer in NYC

by Tasnin Khan

I love Fall, but Pumpkin Spice Lattes this early on seem a little premature. I'm not quite ready for cozy sweater season and changing leaves! To me it feels like we are always in a rush to move on to the next thing and speed along the seasons -- but it is so important to be present in the moment as much as possible despite the busy whirlwind that is adult-ing. I know summer doesn’t necessarily feel the same now that we may either be working a full-time job or may be in a challenging graduate program, but I believe that we can always find ways to make it fun. Besides, I think it’s in our best interest to be present and enjoy this moment before the cold hits us again! Here are a few small ways you can enjoy summer before we are back in the swing of fall:

1. Have a picnic -- or enjoy a breezy summer night on High Line or Gantry Park

Take a moment after getting out of work on a Friday or any other weekday to take a walk along the the High Line. Alternatively, you can do the same in Gantry Park - one my favorite places in New York City. If these are not near you, you can also go take a walk in a lush or quiet park closer to you that you enjoy. Haven’t had a chance to catch up with friends in awhile? This would be a great place to talk and get caught up on each other’s lives. Need some time to be on your own and have some quality peaceful alone time after a busy day? You can take that time for yourself in this way too. Gantry Park is an underrated gem and definitely one of my most favorite places; there are seats all along the park and a large, lush grassy area to sit down and look out at the amazing skyline that we are so lucky to have access to and call home. It’s always beautiful, but being there on a summer night in the company of people you love is magical in its own way.

2. Plan a trip out East to the Hamptons

While this option requires you to take at minimum a full day trip, it is certainly worth penciling a Hamptons getaway into your planner before the summer is gone. The Hamptons are approximately 2 hours away from Manhattan by car and slightly more by train. Nonetheless, it is home to so many beautiful, serene and low-key beaches. If you haven’t had a chance to get away this summer or are trying to save your money, the Hamptons would be a great option to enjoy some waves, ice cream spots, and much needed quality time with friends and family without splurging! Make sure to soak in the last of the sun’s warmth and enjoy this amazing haven at least once this summer if you can.

3. Host a cookout or barbecue

Nothing says summer like a good cookout. If you enjoy grilling or have friends that do, here is a chance to come together and have a few bites in great company. Good food, good drinks, and good music are always a vibe. It will get harder for you and your friends to get together and all be in the same place when everyone is busy with work and school, amongst other responsibilities. However, a cookout before the summer is over will provide you all with much needed time for enjoying each other’s company and taking a break from it all.

4. Check out Rose Mansion

If you are into wine (especially rose), you will most definitely love Rose Mansion. As you walk through this interactive experience, you will have the chance to learn about the history of rose and what distinguishes various different types from different parts of the world. The cute interactive spaces are also a great opportunity for a mini photo-shoot with your girls. In each section of the mansion, there will be people ready to greet you with little tastings of rose as they tell you a little bit about that wine. I highly recommend trying this out!

Sometimes, it can seem as though we have to spend a lot of money and splurge in order to feel like we’re having a larger than life summer. That doesn’t have to be the case though! The most important thing is to be present and take a minute to breathe and not let time pass you by. Whether it is taking a walk outside in nature, catching up with a friend, having a beach day, or even just a night sitting out on your front steps with something to drink while watching the sunset, it’s the little things that make summer beautiful and relaxing.

What are your doing for the last week of Summer ?

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