Five Ted Talks That Will Help You Rekindle Inspiration

By: Shannon Hui

Life is a continuous series of ups and downs. Living in a capitalistic society forces us to equate success with hard work and money. This often means we begin to associate our value with our work routine. When doing so we find ourselves stressed out, overworked and lacking fuel to go further. The antidote to boring work is creativity, and we find that through inspiration. The following five ted talks are great from when you need a pick me up, crave feeling grounded on what really matters, or simply want to get inspired.

1. How Great Leaders Inspire Action by: Simon Sinek

This is a great talk for those looking to explore what true leadership means and all it entails. It examines the “why” of what we do and how that can make all the difference in true success.

2. Why Some of Us don’t have One True Calling: Emilie Wapnick

For those of you who are multi-talented and constantly feel boxed in by society, this is an amazing conversation centered around the idea of being true to all of your passions. It covers combining all your interests to create a reality that is meant for you.

3. A Kinder Gentler Philosophy of Success: Alain De Botton

Those looking to redefine what success really means, this one’s for you. This talk reexamines the notions society that reinforced in us about materialism and capitalism that aren’t true to what we actually want or value. This will help train your brain to differentiate between what’s been taught to us versus what’s truly in our hearts.

4. The Power of Believing You Can Improve: Carol Dweck

In order to create a better future, it is imperative that we develop a growth mindset. This way of thinking allows us to honor our process so that we will put more effort and thought behind it. It rewards the idea that we don’t give up when we don’t get something and instead forces us to rewire our brains to understand that we’re just not getting it...yet. The power of the “yet” will create the perseverance that will ensure potential success.

5. The Power of Vulnerability: Brene Brown

For those who hate talking about their emotions, this is an incredible video where a researcher studies her biggest fear -- vulnerability -- and ends up learning about how necessary it truly is. This is a hilarious story about the fight in understanding that it is the catalyst to all connection, understanding, and love. In order to understand humanity, one must take the time to thoroughly understand being courageous enough to truly open up to one another.

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