Five beauty practices I swear by all year round

by Shannon Hui

One of my biggest perks of working in beauty marketing, is being one of the lucky gals to try the best skin care products and cool technology before they hit the market.  After struggling to find the perfect regimen that’ll give me that gorgeous sought after glossier glow, I’m here to share my beauty practices that will bless you all year round.


Before I even put my make up on, I know whether or not I’m going to have a good make up day based on how my skin looks. My biggest skin issue is occasional acne on my chin which is medically linked to hormonal and digestive issues. Considering I eat spicy food like it’s my job, I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. I counteract these pimples by taking probiotics daily. The probiotics I swear by are Culturelle’s Pro- Well 3-in-1 complete capsules. They were directly recommended from my friend Ebony (@fashioncrave on instagram) who uses them for digestive health. So far, I’ve seen a huge difference in how clear and glowy my skin is. The secret is the added omega-3 fatty acids which restores skin moisture while lowering inflammation. Hello, a bad bitch without makeup!!!


This is one of my most religious practices. Regardless of how late I’m out or how tired I am, I have to take off my makeup before I sleep. My skin always thanks me for it in the morning. My sensitive skin is prone to over-drying so usually makeup wipes and harsh toners mess with my complexion. To take off my makeup, I use Alba’s Even Advanced Facial Toner. This toner uses a powerful marine complex to help balance the pH of my face while retaining moisture. I love this product because it’s also 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free, paraben-free, with no artificial colors or harsh sulfates. I love that I’m not putting harsh chemicals on my face. This toner leaves me ready to take on the world fresh and clean!


I have a two step moisturizing process that helps keep my skin so hydrated it’s practically bouncy. To start, I use Algenist’s Genius Liquid Collagen. This product is fun to play with too because it’s formulated with these little microalgae oil beads that pop on your skin as your rub it in. Paired with vegan collagen, it promises to restore your skin’s bounce and resilience in just ten days. I noticed a huge difference once I started using it habitually. It makes my skin so soft! To complete my moisturization practice, I use Alba’s Hawaiian oil free moisturizer. It’s super light, almost whipped, and feels amazing on my skin. I usually have issues with moisturizers leaving me looking oily, but this is the real deal. It also works great under makeup.


Brows are essential to everything! They pull your whole face together even when you don’t have any makeup on. I’m a die-hard fan of Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil and Givenchy Mister Brow Groom Brow Gel paired together. The thin tip of the brow pencil makes it so easy to fill in your brows with feather light strokes. The brow gel just seals in everything and lasts forever! I’ve had mine for a year now and it’s still going strong. Mind you, I use this product everyday. It’s a bit pricey, but a great investment in my book.


Right now, I am obsessed with Glossier’s Clear Lip Gloss. It is by far the best lip gloss I’ve ever used. It’s not sticky, it lasts all day, and it immediately fills in all dry lip lines. It leaves me so glossy and moisturized that my lips seem plumper naturally. While we’re here, I’m also a huge fan of how diverse and inclusive glossier is. I recently found out about their amazing customer service. I emailed them to return two items thinking I would have to go through that annoying process of shipping products back to them, but they just issued me a refund and told me to keep what I wanted to return or give it to a friend. This now makes me feel safe when buying their products because I know that they’ll take care of me without any hassle. I see myself being a longtime customer of theirs all year round.


I love that this summer was all about the natural makeup look. It really helped me focus more on skincare which wasn’t as much of a priority when I was able to cover it with product. I’m learning more and more to be comfortable with my skin and these year long beauty practices make me feel great on the inside and out.

I can’t wait to hear about all of your religious beauty routines! Leave them in the comments below.

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