Fangirl for Yourself the Way you do for Queen Bey

By previous writer Patricia Rodriguez

Quick, close your eyes! Visualize the person you most admire. Think about why you look up to this person and what has made you believe in his or her magic. Think about the amount of time, energy, and maybe even money that you put into following this person and cheering for his or her achievements.

Now imagine that person is you, and that all the time you waste watering this other person’s garden is now your own. Invision giving yourself all the nurture and care to be able to bloom into the person that you hoped to be in the first place. Now open your eyes.

It is 2018 and it is time to start believing in ourselves, ladies. It is time to “fangirl” not only over celebrities or influencers who dress nice, but also yourself.

Social media has brought with it many new opportunities and benefits, but it has also brought out insecurities. Advertisements, essentially what Instagram has turned into, are created to play into insecurities, suggesting consumerism can solve them.

Social media also imposes uncertainty on everyone, even if unintentionally done. We question if we are ever enough or if we are doing the right thing because people we follow on social platforms are constantly throwing things in our faces. Becky got a new six-figure-salary job, and Tracy is being her baddest self in a villa in Tulum. It is sometimes inevitable to doubt ourselves, and feel like we are not enough in the grand scheme of everyone showing us their “best lives.”

Then there’s the “liking game,” which serves as a marker of success. Meanwhile, we invest all this love into somebody else, envying them as we double tap. We idolize strangers’ lives, waste our time wishing that one day we could be like them, and even feel like we can’t place ourselves on the same pedestal as them. But, WE ARE NOT THEM. Yet here we are feeding and fueling someone/something else, leaving ourselves empty with feelings of inadequacy.

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Life will always be hard and, unfortunately, it is not like our best pictures that we post on social media for everyone to like. We won’t always have people cheering us or “liking” our stuff. There will be many moments when we will be alone, or at least it will feel like it, and if we are not even our own fans, you might have little to no faith that you’re capable of doing anything for that matter.

If you’re having issues with believing in yourself, think about why are you so easily able to believe in everyone else but yourself. We are all born with the natural right of being equal to everyone else, so why are you putting people in a higher place than you are? It is time to release yourself from the bondage of this mindset, and believe in yourself.

So if you’re having some trouble having a lil’ faith in yourself or would like to know how to give yourself more props, here are some tips that may help.

Give yourself credit where it is due.

How many times have you gotten into a heated argument with your girls about how Beyoncé is the best artist out there, giving a detailed list of all the accomplishments that qualify her for that tile? Now can you do that same thing for yourself?

You need to take the time to reflect and give yourself credit where it is due. Even if it is for something small, it is important to celebrate every stride that you make toward your goals. May it be going to the gym for a week straight, or starting a YouTube channel, you are making moves! People may not see it, but as long as you’re giving yourself credit, you won’t even need their validation. Celebrate your accomplishments, girl.

“Fangirl” over yourself.

So how many of you guys have bought every single makeup product that Kylie Jenner has manufactured? Or bought the books of your favorite poet on Tumblr? Or spent money on panels to meet your favorite influencers? You actively use your time to support and grow the platforms that they have created for themselves, but who is doing the same for you?

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You may not always have that loyal “fanbase” to applaud you, so you need to be that for yourself. Feel enough by being your own fan. Feel competent without needing the validation of everyone else. Invest your time and money in yourself and know that you’re doing just what you’re supposed to do.

Believe in the process.

If success could be achieved overnight, we would all be rich and famous. Greatness is accompanied by struggle and adversity. A win won’t feel like it until you have experienced loss. Trust the process and know that your time is coming.

You may not like where you are right now in life, however, that doesn't mean that you should dismiss all the things that have brought you to the space you are today. You should feel proud of everything you have accomplished so far, and should make conscious efforts to remind yourself of that. If you don’t believe in yourself, how the hell is anyone going to believe in you? Now can I get an “AMEN”?

You’re great baby girl, don’t forget it. Why are you doubting your greatness? No amount of likes or followers, or applauds from friends will equate to you knowing your power and your worth. No one knows you more than you know yourself. If you know that you’re smart, kind-hearted, “woke,” and have an amazing work ethic, why are you doubting that you can make great things happen? Give yourself props for being just who you are and let’s take over the world.

What are you celebrating about yourself? Have you become your own fangirl? Share with us in the comments below!

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