An Empath's Survival Guide

By Shannon Hui

To be an empath essentially means you’re an emotional sponge. You have the ability to experience the feelings of those around you to extremes. You’re sensitive, giving, highly emotional, and naturally nurturing. You use your intuition to navigate the world. Your friends know you for your big heart and ability to listen. Sound about right?

But there’s a dark side, too. You easily absorb the emotions of people around you. Crowds can be way too much at times and the crisis your friends are going through completely feel like your own. Feeling overwhelmed or anxious is a constant struggle and can even lead to health issues.

To ensure that you aren’t losing your light, empaths have to participate in practices to make sure they aren’t being taken advantage of. In order to flourish, empaths must be around those who are peaceful and loving. Negativity is exhausting and very consuming because we have such sensitive energy. The smallest of social interactions can lead to absorbing toxic energy, and this can lead to being unbalanced.

Empaths are usually charismatic people with a lot of friends because their ability to be compassionate allows them to connect on higher frequencies. They relate and understand what people are going through and are always ready to support others. It is very easy for people to become fast friends with an empath.

However, this also makes empaths very susceptible to the illusion of friendship even with narcissists or energy vampires—these are people who are well versed in manipulation and only have something to gain. They love to take the energy they are unable to reciprocate. Ever meet someone and immediately feel like your life has been sucked out of you? That’s the universe’s fair warning to stay away! Much of an empath’s personality is the ability to give, and these types are only able to take.

Here are some practices you can implement to protect and replenish your light as an empath:

Recharge in nature

Empaths love being outdoors and have a special affinity with plants and animals, it can be a very spiritual connection for them.

Take alone time

Being around many energies can take a toll on you, always make sure to re-energize in the comfort of your own presence and space.


Take the time to be mindful and aware of your reactions towards others especially as you absorb emotions. Take this time to think of solutions and healthier practices that work for you.

Read an inspirational book/watch inspirational Ted talks

Take on the energy of positive outlets when you are feeling down and surround yourself with inspiration to regain some light.

Negotiate needs with partners

Before getting into any relationship, friendship and romantic alike, be clear about your needs and tendencies. Empaths need strong partners that look out for them and remind them when they’re doing or giving too much.

Get comfortable with saying no

Do not take it upon yourself to fix everything or everyone around you. As much as you want to, this is a reminder that you can’t save anyone without replenishing your energy.

To my fellow empaths: thank you for being such brilliant, passionate, and loving souls that make the world go round. You are the lights that give hope in times of despair. You are the words of wisdom to those who could use a shoulder to lean on. You make everyone around you feel special for just being themselves. You are one of a kind and just what the world needs. Shine on and don’t ever stop being magic.

Are you an empath? What do you do to survive? Let us know in the comments below!

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