5 Instagram Hacks for Immediate Results

Social media these days can feel like both a blessing and a curse. There are memes that keep us laughing all day and help us take the edge off the world’s collective troubles, corners for support and community, and business opportunities. On the flip side it can be divisive, critical, and a source for unwarranted comparison. A good way to keep your sanity while navigating your screen time is to be intentional and light-hearted with both the content you consume and the content you produce.

We tapped in with founder of Created 2 Create and professional social media strategist Milnalis Diese, aka @bythemil, to give you five effective social media hacks you can implement immediately. Milnalis started her social media career like most of us, casually posting on Instagram to flex her ‘fits. Then she landed an internship with Custom Fabric Flowers as a social media and marketing intern with the intention of becoming a flower designer. Three months later she was promoted to Social Media Marketing Coordinator. Since she started using Instagram more seriously for her personal brand her followers have grown from 2,000 to nearly 7k. Read on to learn how she did it and how you can grow your audience too.

1. Post more

Mil says not to get in your own way in terms of how often you upload content because “you never know what post can make you go viral.”

Her clients say things like, Why am I constantly posting? or Why should I constantly post?

She adds that it’s the biggest mistake she sees people make. “I think once a day is good. People stop themselves. That’s the biggest thing I see.”

2. Boost your engagement by engaging with others

“My biggest tip is just to make sure you’re engaging with others. I know that sounds really corny but it’s true. If you’re constantly liking other people’s pictures and commenting, when they see your pictures they’re going to have to like back. It’s subconscious.”

3. Beat the algorithm by spending time on the platform & doing your research

When it comes to working with the algorithm Mil says simply spending time on the app is key. “It’s basically just trial and error. Nobody has the answers. Nobody knows what it is that they’re really doing so I would say what’s helped me the most is just adjusting.” For example, “I see that Instagram is pushing videos, so now I gotta do more videos. It’s just seeing what’s going on and shifting.”

Checking out how your favorite companies and influencers are using Instagram, and combining that with a good old Google search will go a long way. “Spend a lot of time on the platform & see what others are doing, but also Google. My research is [only] 25%-50% Google searches because no matter how much people throw on Google it’s not as accurate as me actually seeing people do it.”

4. Coordinate your feed

“Let’s say you’re just posting twice a week. If I know that those two posts are going to be aesthetically pleasing, I’m going to keep following you.”

Contrarily, Mil says if someone is posting every day but it’s “all over the place” she’s less likely to continue following. “It’s more so how you edit and making sure each picture gives a certain vibe.”

Basically, don’t be careless with the curation of your content!

5. Remember there’s no wrong way to post

“Have fun with it; don’t overthink it! The wrong way is you not posting—that’s the wrong way!”